Summer Camp

Every day is an adventure!

At AMT Summer Camp, we:

Build Friendships: Each summer camp experience is designed to support children in strengthening social skills and team building. For some, this is the one opportunity each year to reconnect with friends from other schools, districts, and past camp experiences. Many of our children look forward to reconnecting with our camp counselors who return each summer for memory making.

Connect with our Community: Children explore the community through trips to places such as local museums, plays, and sporting events. Through these weekly field trips, library visits, and swimming at our community pools, our children engage in first-time experiences, discover new interests, work at perfecting existing skills, and show leadership in assisting others.

Stimulate a Well-Rounded Experience: Our programming promotes growth across all domains. Curiosity and creativity peak when children become the captive audience members of magical performances, the creators of school carnivals, and active participants in talent shows. Our reading game is strong with regular trips to the school library and Battle of the Books competitions. We continue to build social competencies while encouraging others in activities such as bowling and miniature golf. We learn from entrepreneurial experiences like planning for bake sales and lemonade stands.

Provide a Program that is Responsive to Each Child’s Interests: As always, our group of qualified counselors is eager to meet the interests of all the individual campers. We will use the information provided in your registration packet while designing summer camp activities.

We offer full-day and half-day summer camp programs for children ages 6 to 12.

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Winter & Spring Break Camps

When school lets out for winter and spring break, the fun is just beginning at A Mother’s Touch.

Our School-Break Camp allows children to experience hands-on activities and create projects that stimulate curiosity and engage diverse groups. Children build meaningful relationships while creating and playing games, engaging in physical activities, and exploring the community on field trips, to name a few.

Our School-Break Camp is available as a full-day or half-day program for children ages 6-12. For additional information and camp dates, contact us today.

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