Summer Fun

Hands On Learning

See what we've been up to the second half of the school year.

Winter Fun

Brrr! The change in weather provides new opportunities for learning and joy.

Winter Performance

Our children were brimming with excitement and took great pride in the hard work that went into preparing and performing for family and friends at the Winter Performance.

Cuddle + Kind

This season, we welcome all new children to our center with a cuddle+kind doll, a gift that embodies our commitment to kindness. We agree with the family of five that founded the company: “a cuddle can change a child’s world.” Each cuddle+kind doll provides 10 meals to children in need and employment for women artisans in Peru.

Harvest Feast

Every year, we spend time preparing for our Harvest Feast. Each class works together to choose, create, and share a portion of our meal.

Pumpkin Patch

When the pumpkins are big, round, and ripe enough, we turn our backyard into a pumpkin patch for our toddlers, two year olds, and Early Preschoolers to explore.

Exploring Fall

At AMT, our learning reflects our experiences in the world.

Everday Literacy

To say reading is part of some routines at AMT is an understatement. Reading is a precious part of everything we do!

The Reading Workshop

In Kindergarten, our Reading Workshops are created by Lucy Calkins and colleagues at Teachers College, Columbia University and allow students to learn through play and put eyes on print daily through independent, partner, shared, and read-aloud experiences with books.

Week of the Young Reader

During Week of the Young Reader, we celebrate the joys of reading in our everyday lives.

The Writing Workshop

Our Pre-K friends are building both skills and confidence in the complex and important work of writing!


AMT Kindergarten held their own election for our very first school mascot! After they worked together to select two animals that most represent our values of kindness, teamwork, and love of learning, they presented their ideas and participated in a class vote. What's your vote?

Caring & Our Community

We are proud to have deep roots in our community.

Visit from Fire Department

On Friday, we learned about fire safety with the Arlington Heights Fire Department.


Our Early Preschoolers work hard to care for and harvest the crops from our garden. As our garden grows, so does their curiosity, conscientiousness, and independence!

Character Counts

We believe children succeed by building character, so we make character our priority. Our teachers create authentic experiences to reveal, build, teach, and learn from our children and families about character.

Purposeful Play

We believe children learn through play and social experience. Our independent kids need long stretches of time to play deeply and imaginatively in the areas of their choice.